The Metamodernist Manifesto, 2011
Notes Concerning W (RCA dissertation), 2009

Notes on Metamodernism

Levitated Mass and the Contemporary Sublime, Dec 2013
Quiet Moves: Notes on Curation, Nov 2013

In Pursuit of Elusive Horizons
, Mar 2013
Disappearing Into One: Zen, Romanticism & Magic
, Jan 2013
The Image Object Post-Photoshop, Dec 2012
Geometries of Utopian Desire: Jess Littlewood's Future Plans, Nov 2012
David Foster Wallace's Hideous Men & London's Olympic Epiphany, Sep 2012
The New Aesthetic's Speculative Promise
, NoM, Jul 2012
Photography as Metamodern Alchemy: the work of Stuart Bailes
, May 2012
Ryan Gander's Locked Room Scenario
, Nov 2011
For Inclusion in the Syllabi
, Sep 2011

On my work

Meet the two artists behind Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY, Dazed & Confused, March 2014
Digital Pioneers, then and now…, The FWA, June 2013
Luke Turner: Annunciations, by Siobhan Wall, Eyemazing, May 2011
Annunciations, Artist statement, 2011